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Is Social Media Management a Good Career Choice?

Social media management is an increasingly popular career path. With brands relying heavily on social media, the demand for knowledgeable managers grows. But is it the right job for you? This article will overview what social media managers do, the pros and cons of the role, and key factors to consider.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Social media managers are responsible for developing and executing a brand's social strategy across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and more. Typical duties include:

  • Creating engaging social content and managing post-calendars

  • Interacting with followers by liking, commenting, sharing

  • Running social advertising campaigns and tracking performance

  • Monitoring brand mentions and handling reviews and comments

  • Analyzing account analytics and preparing reports

  • Staying on top of emerging social media trends and tools

It's a role that requires both creativity and analytical skills. You get to experiment with fun new formats and apps, while also paying attention to data and results.

The Pros of Social Media Management

  • It's a creative outlet. You're continually creating visual content, videos, stories, and more.

  • Flexible work options. Many social media managers work remotely.

  • See measurable impact. You get data showing your effect on growth.

  • Learn new platforms—early adopters of emerging social tools.

  • Engage an audience. Connect with a brand's loyal followers.

The Cons to Consider

  • Managing multiple accounts is demanding. Expect to juggle channels and contexts.

  • Requires continuous learning. Social platforms rapidly evolve.

  • Metrics-driven work causes pressure. Goal to drive results and ROI.

  • Dealing with negativity. Requires resilience and conflict management skills.

Why the Right Social Media Manager Matters

Brands should carefully select a social media manager who:

  • Deeply understands their brand identity and tone

  • Has an authentic communication style that aligns with their voice

  • Focuses on quality, meaningful engagement over vanity metrics

  • Is passionate about forming genuine connections with their audience

Social media management offers exciting opportunities if you're creative, analytical, resilient, and savvy with social platforms. Weigh the pros and cons and assess if your skills fit.


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